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"Cooler" is a fitting title for this ultra-smooth album from Christian jazz artist Eric Copeland. He skillfully blends the cool phrasing of be-bop with lite hip-hop grooves...Copeland can make you think and feel good at the same time--proving he can have fun and yet be serious when he needs to...Cool music for the soul. - MISH MASH (Website) Issue #8, July, 1999

"Just a word to let you know that the music is excellent! It's very nice to hear some smooth gospel/'s good to see that someone is generating positive interest. Keep it up!" - email from Warren F, Austin, TX

"YES, YES, YES! Have not been able to put it down!" - Don Culpepper, Heavenly Notes Gospel Jazz (Radio DJ, Show)

"I love the CD, it fits perfectly into the mainstream of the type of jazz I am looking for at WEMC. It mixes well with our other formats -- classical and Inspirational. Thanks." - Lynn Scholfield, Program Director, WEMC, Harrisonburg, VA

"Like all good straight-ahead jazz, it gets into your head and won't get out." - Listener Review, MP3.COM

"Great disc! Very Refreshing!" - Steve Paul,

"Your music is excellent! We should have no problem getting orders for you!!" - Keith Mohr, Broken

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