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Cooler - Eric Copeland

  1. It's So Cool was largely inspired by the groove I wrote one day. It went through many versions, but finally I came up with the Jeff Lorber-like feel I was looking for. The singing-lead thing was something I did mainly because I really didnt have lyrics there. It kinda fit the tune, and I never wrote any.
  2. That's All There Is was the last song to be written for the album. My church music minister called me up and asked if I had a song talking about new Christians. I said sure. So that night I wrote this and sang it the next day. Lyrics
  3. The Good Life is just a nice tune to have on. Basically written for the It's So Cool project, it's message is that we should remember how good we have it. Count your blessings, it's a good life.
  4. Cool Maxin' was a funky thing I came up with while playing the keyboard one day. I have no idea what this song means, as all it makes me do is tap my foot.
  5. It's Me Who Leaves is about anyone who comes to realize that they are the ones who leave a relationship. With God, with lovers, we all walk away when we can't handle it. Lyrics
  6. Chill is my daughter's favorite song. Infectious beat, this little ditty swings.
  7. Separate Ways is an instrumental, but actually had words at one time that I wrote for a friend.
  8. So Send I You was originally called Not of This World, but I could never come up with any lyrics for that idea. So one day before I began the final mixes for It's So Cool, I started singing these words and the tune flowed out. Funny how God works, eh? Lyrics
  9. Of Clear Mind was written for an on-line project that never happened. But it's synth lead soars and hopefully leaves you with a good feeling as the album comes to a close.

Words & Music By: Eric Copeland
Produced & Engineered By: Eric Copeland, with mastering by Kevin Johnson
Arrangements By: Eric Copeland
Instruments By: Eric Copeland, with guitar by David Slone

© 1999 Eric Copeland. WARNING: All Rights Reserved. Unauthorized duplication is a violation of applicable law.