Music has always been a huge part of our lives as brothers. We came from a broken home and were reared by our father who had a phenomenal love for music. In fact, music was the glue that held us together and helped us through many a dark and lonely time. Barry's music came first, playing piano at church and on Christian radio programs when in his teens. When Don was thirteen, Dad bought him a dilapidated, old clarinet for 35 dollars. Without any formal instruction or teacher, Don taught himself to play, practicing hour after hour in the garage.

A year later we performed as brothers in public for the first time at our home church, one of the largest churches in Canada at the time. In light of what occurred, we've often said that if we could get through that humbling experience, we could get through anything!

It began when Don tripped on the way to the podium, with half of his rickety clarinet separating and skittering up to our pastor's feet. A little rattled, Don picked up his clarinet and we launched into the piece we had diligently rehearsed for many, many hours. Everything was going beautiful until we reached the chorus. Suddenly, Don veered off, soaring into another similar - but different - melody!

Realizing his error, Don stopped mid-phrase, raised his hand in front of a thousand stunned faces, and announced, "Wait a minute. I've got to talk to my brother." Taking the longest walk of his life to the grand piano, Don couldn't help but notice the anxious eyes of his older brother Barry. "What song are we playing?" he asked. "Oh, that one!" He walked back and we started again from the beginning, and the Lord blessed us. This time, we played flawlessly and with passion, and the people responded with resounding affirmation. That was our debut.

This is our CD debut as a performing team. For us it's been an experience of sheer joy and discovery. We've had so much fun working hard together on this project! By nature we are individuals who communicate music with a lot of feeling - that's what Dad taught us. So the pieces we chose are particularly expressive ones - among our all-time favorites spanning over fifty years of sacred music. We hope they nurture your spirit in a very special way.

Don & Diane Liesch reside in Vancouver, C. C. with their children, Koby, Shelby and Chelan

Dr. Barry Liesch is professor of music at Biola University, La Mirada, California

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