The Debut Album

What others have said about Ray's music...

"In a word, brilliant. I love it when the art and science of music come together like this." Keith Peterson, thread review

"Did I mention energy! Wow. Electrify yourself, brother!" Bob Sima, of Chance Gardener - one of the most popular indie bands on

"The production breathes very nicely, indeed. I picked "Come and Gone" after reading the lyrics. I hear late Floyd, Simple Minds…all in all many admirable qualities." Nycran, Mp3 Reviewer

"…He is The Word is engaging and funky with certain Hall and Oats overtones. The rhythm will have more than one listener tapping along. What makes this effort all the more the remarkable is that Agnew produced, performed, and engineered all the tracks himself." The Post Star

"Rating a 4 for excellent !!!" Raymond's Music Land (an station)

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