On September 20, 1999 the inspiration of a Salvation Prayer Bookmark popped into the mind of the founder of Destiny Music. Jesus is not heavy and uptight, He's light and easy (Matthew 11:30). He's loving (John 3:17). And refreshing. (John 7:38). As she'd just given a friend a picture bookmark, the idea of making an inspirational ocean-wave Bookmark lit up her mind. Bookmarks are nice gifts because people use scraps of paper. She wanted Salvation Prayer Bookmarks that are truly beautiful.

Destiny Music's graphics firm designed the inspiring ocean wave Bookmark that same evening. Twenty-four hours after the inspiration, the Bookmarks were in press. Ten days after the inspiration, 1000 Salvation Prayer Bookmarks were distributed by Christian bookstores and friends. In February 2000, the Eternity Bookmark based on Ecclesiastes and John 17:3 also came to life.

Over 70,000 Bookmarks have traveled through many hands around the world... over 45,000 Salvation Prayer Bookmarks and over 25,000 Eternity Bookmarks. Unfortunately the bookmarks are no longer available, but Destiny Music is grateful for all the friends of Destiny Music who have shared the love of Jesus.


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